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High-Power Showlasers made in Germany/Bavaria!

We proudly continue to be strongly obliged to Arctos manufacturing values

Always having in mind the vision of eliminating the need for high-power current and water- cooled lasers, Arctos has created a family of OEM and whitelight Showlasersystems in all power levels. We are generators and holders of the European Patent and several pending patents and industrial designs for laser diode combining patterns.

The Laser Manufacturer

Our laser design and electronic solutions, our technical & design script is still prevailing and can be recognized in diverse models.
Arctos shaped the pioneers of true diode whitelight Showlasersystems. We started a new Age of Showlasers.

Since beginning of 2000 and during the last 2 years Arctos team has grown by adding more manpower and know-how in the sectors of:

+ R&D
+ Laser optics
+ Scanning, driver development  & electronics
+ Laser source substrate selection
+ Mechanical engineering

Optics Workshop

Our success formula is the pooled forces and know-how of our engineers. The perfect teamwork between Arctos departments makes it possible.

Knowledge in optoelectronics and biomechanics, photonic crystals and careful selection of optical materials as well as the symbiosis of all separate components into brilliant quality laser modules is a true concept of Art & Technology. Precision, fine mechanics, knowledge and a steady hand at work & new designs.

Electronics Workshop

The electronics and R&D is a complete section of our company where our engineers design, test and substantiate Arctos serial and individual electronic concepts.

We are proud on our developments and own designs of premium quality and best references. Performance and lifetime of our lasers is also based on sophisticated electronics – it is the mowing power of our systems.

Mechanics Workshop

Our company is a network of internally consolidated resources beneath the same roof.

All Arctos systems are the result of our separate departments and the mechanics workshop is one of them, equipped with the most modern CNC machines and pre-setting tool systems. Every single mechanical part can be tested, adapted and shaped corresponding to our designer´s requirements.