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ARCTOS - The Story of a Legend

ARCTOS is the leading manufacturer of whitelight diode laser show systems, operating more than 25 years. We have become a brandname worldwide for our highend quality systems, research and development as well as fast and professional customer service. We create the top-selling highpower laser show systems since 2003.

25 years of Laser Technology and Development 

Patent pending Showlaser Systems on highest level and quality standards

ARCTOS electrified the minds of Laserists, the company  initialized several patents for diode combining patterns and established a worldwide dealer network for ARCTOS laser technology in all continents.


2020  ..New Year..new ARCTOS projects!
2019    Launch of ELECTRUS waterproof series IP65 & Climate Case X-TREME
2018    Launch of ELECTRUS >60W to 66W RGB
2017    Launch of DMX LASER ARRAY Series
2016    Launch of Electrus 24-36W RGB
2015    Launch of Electrus 6-16W RGB
2014    Launch of STELLA >30W RGB
2013    Launch of STELLA Series and Fortiss 11.5
2012    Launch of ARCTHRON Series
2011    Launch of ARC OPSL RGBY Series
2011    Company and management take-over by Christian Marx
2010    Grant of a Patent EP 1 953 88: Laser Diode Combining Pattern
             Launch of the first 6 Channel ARC OPSL [<60W] 2010 at LDI, Las Vegas
             Launch of ARC DIODE-Aureus Series RGBY [20W-30W]
             Launch of ARC OPSL RGBY Series [25W-30W]
             Industrial Design/Patent Re-Dispersion Laser
             Launch of the new FORTISS Penthouse Series
             Launch of new RED OEM Re-Dispersion Laser
             Launch of RED OEM Gemini 5.0W Laser [max 5,4W]
             Launch of RED OEM 2,5W Laser 0,65mrd polarized [max 2,7W]
2009    Development of ARC OPSL Laser Driver System
             Launch of ARC DIODE 35W RGBY for Macau
             Launch of Coherent Taipan Series integrated
             Launch of ARC DIODE Aureus 20W RGBY Series at LDI, USA
             Launch of VLP-3D Laser & Video Software
2008    Launch of Dancing Fountains for Red Bull
             Launch of the first 75W ARC DIODE SUPERIOR
             The ARC DIODE Series on Worldtour with Pink Floyd (Dark side after Moon)
             The ARC DIODE Series on Worldtour with Madonna (Sticky & Sweet)
             Launch of Magnetic Beam 3D
2007    Launch of ARC DIODE FORTISS Series
             Launch of Regatta Card Series
             25W - 30W RGB ARC Essential Series
             30W - 35W ARC Diode Series
             80W ARC Diode Series for PinkFloyd
             10W-20W RGB Expansion worldwide
             Launch of ARC PENTHOUSE [Grating Box for the ARC DIODE Series]
             Arctos Laser Distributor Network in all Continents
             Industrial Design: EP 08 011 020.8-2222 / 2 043 211 A2
             Industrial Design: 20 2007 018 257.0
             Launch of Thorlabs - Systems
             Launch of Arctos TESLA-COIL
2006    Industrial Design: 3D Concept Patent 07 014 461.3-2217 / 1 9013 371 A1
             Development & Patent for 3D Magnetic Beam Series
             Expansion of PIONEER Series 3.6W up to 13W
             Co-operation of RGB Series for Martin Professional
             Re-Design & Re-Brandmarketing of ARCTOS and the ARC DIODE Series
             Launch of REGUS Series
2005    Launch of Nubian Series for Singapore and worldwide
             Launch of PIONEER 2W-10W RGB DPSS and Diode Series
             Launch of Lepton Series
             Industrial Design: 20 2005 009 294.0
             Industrial Design: 20 2005 003 856.3
             European Patent: 08 000 993.9  /EP 1 953 881
             Launch of COSMO Series - Smallest Whitelight Class 4 Laser worldwide
2004    Launch of the first 1,3W RED
             Industrial Design: 20 2004 021 111.4
2003    Rainbow-X Marketing in Switzerland and EU, followed worldwide
             Rainbow-X Series RGB DPSS & Diode Series projectors
             Prototyping & Manufacturing of first OEM Red Laser Series
             Development of biggest Dancing-Fountain Watersystem in Europe, Arosa/CH
             Design & Manufacturing of the smallest Class 4 Laser - Cosmo
2002    Manufacturing of first RGB Projectors
2000    Experiments of first RED Diode Lasers
2000    Lasershow Tour Baltic States & Latvia
1995    Lasershow Performances for Ö3 & ORF
             Arctos Showtruck Laser-Studio-CAR on Tour
1990      Manufacturing & Implementation of Ion-Showlasersystems
1987      Companies´ foundation under Thomas Hafner