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Our ARC Diode Series started in early 2003. Now almost 10 years later we are confident and proud to present the highest performance projectors, designed for laser professionals.
Indoor or Outdoor, completely t°-controlled and solid in terms of laser performance, stability and endurance.

REGUS | 7.4W

Small, ultra-weight and powerful Lasershow System

PIONEER 30W / Gold 36W [RGB+Y]

Our PIONEER was the first high-power diode-combined & top selling Showlaser since 2003.

PIONEER 48W / Gold 52W [RGB+Y]

HIgh-power Showlasersystem up to 52W in RGB or RGB+Y - Version available.


RGB+Y 64W Lasershow System for gigantic Events and Lasershowacts.


The ARC DIODE Series is available with additional Grating Box Module - Penthouse Edition
ARC-Remote control unit incl. CDRH-standard & time delay max.cable length 60m
Interlock AMP safety-standard for illuminated "Emergency"
Integrated Pangolin Flashback
RGB potentiometers
Gratings (holographic mirrors)
Customized Climate box for outdoor installations
Customized Flightcases Made by Amptown