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STELLA The bright Laser Star up to 30W

STELLA Series is our version for modest but trendy design, economic & powerful laser including all necessary features for the show market: compact, robust and stable.  Less sophisticated internal electronic-software features however high-end quality scanning performance with Cambridge Technology  as well as convenient features for the hard daily handling in the show industry.


The bright Laser Star up to 30W Laser output.




 637nm ARC RED

> 5.0W

 650nm ARC RED

> 5.0W

 532nm GREEN

> 10.0W

 445nm ARC BLUE

> 10.0W


Beam Size
Beam Divergence
Analog Modulation
Operational Voltage

< 6mm
< 0,8mrad
0-5V up to 30kHz
110-265 VAC @ 500W, 50-60Hz




280mm(H) x 610mm(W) x 380mm(L)
> 48kg (without brackets)

Signal Input/Output

ILDA Standard D-Sub 25p


STELLA The bright Laser Star up to 30W


Technical Data

Scanning System Standard
Scanning System Optional

Scanning Features

Manual inverse function
Signal Input/Output

Operational Temperature
Air-cooled system

CT 6800 / 35 kpps@8° with 1M0
CT 6215 / 60 kpps@8° with 3M0

Cambridge Technology incl. ARCTOS High-Speed driver
Internal scanner safety circuit
High speed 60.000 pps max. speed depend. on angle

x/y-axis; offset and size
ILDA Standard D-Sub 25p

8°C up to 30°C [optimal operation temperature: 25°C]
Intelligent low noise thermal-management system
Automatic cooling/heating for optimal laser parameters


Compact and Solid Housing - MADE BY ARCTOS

CNC-milled black anodized aluminium
Mechanical levitated design
Automatic cooling/heating for optimal laser parameters
Dust proof optical compartment
Maintenance free and long lifetime
Ultra rugged, compact and reliable housing design

System Features

+ Compact solid housing made by ARCTOS
+ Integrated scanner plug`n play concept
+ Best stability and lifetime
+ Designed for laserprofessionals!
+ Dynamic Zone Safety
+ Energy Saving
+ Super Silent
+ Microprocessor controlled
+ ARC-Modular construction
+ YOKE designed against shear forces

Laser Control & Safety

+  Reduced fan noise by analog fan-control
+  Faster service access
+  Gradual power supply start for all
+  "Softstart" for avoiding power peaks during switch-ON
+  Auto mode for laser head disconnection
+  Sequential cooling/heating depending on temperature peaks
+  Shortened safety shutter speed time ca: 17msek

Accessories & Extras

ARC-Remote control unit incl. CDRH-standard & time delay max.cable length 60m
Interlock AMP safety-standard for illuminated "Emergeny"
Integrated Pangolin Flashback
RGB potentiometers
Gratings (holographic mirrors)
Customized Climate box for outdoor installations
Customized Flightcases Made by Amptown