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"Global Rainbow, After the Storm" illuminated the night sky and was visible for up to 35 miles depending on atmospheric conditions. Despite its significant range, the lasers used a minimal amount of power, approximately 24 amps or the equivalent of two hairdryers. Global Rainbow has been presented throughout Europe and launched the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad in England and Northern Ireland to rave reviews and massive audiences.


Artist & Founder
Technical Projectleader
Arctos Project Part

Ivette Mattern
Lightwave International
Developing the single color lasersystems


Global Rainbowis a large scale, spectacular outdoor laser projection created by the artist, Yvette Mattern. It consists of seven parallel beams of high specification laser light, representing the spectrum of the traditional seven colours of the rainbow, and is designed to be projected across large open sites, particularly densely populated areas. With the projection, the artist intends to encompass geographical and social diversity in its reach and symbolise hope.

ARCTOS Showlasers @ "Global Rainbow" by Ivette Mattern